One of our most wanted Tops.
This man is in his fifties but one of our strongest fuckers. Thick Monstercock, always hard, fucks like a bull and when he cums, it´s a flood. Check his movies!
We keep on getting mails like this: "Where can i meet BigDickDaddy?", "do you have BigDickDaddy´s phone number?", "what is BigDickDaddy´s nickname on" etc... Sorry guys, we won´t tell you, but keep on checking our site, he will appear regularly on Timtales.

Country of birth: Switzerland
Height: 6'2''
Weight: 176 lbs
Cock: 10 inch, uncut
Position: Top

Hot Daddy for You


BigDickDaddy and Jota Salaz

You already know about our holiday in Spain a few weeks ago and you probably saw the preview picture in our blog but this week you can watch the whole amazing video we shot there.
We met Bigdickdaddy there and i know he´s one of your favourites on Timtales. We had this beautiful terrace, invited a sexy spanish guy and that´s how all the action started. We didn´t even care when some guys down at the beach recognized our rooftop-action.


BigDickDaddy fucks Jesco

Our latest update is an intergenerational episode with BigDickDaddy and Jesco.
Since BDD loves younger guys and Jesco loves older guys (and monstercocks), that was a perfect match. BigDickDaddy was spreading Jescos hole untilit stayed open for quite a while even after the fucking.
When you see BigDickDaddy you know that you don´t have to be afraid to get older. He´s one of our most potent fuckers. His stamina is incredible and when he cums, he proves to be a class of his own. It´s like a flood.


BigDickDaddy and Tommy

Many people kept asking us: When will BigDickDaddy be back?
So, finally we have him again. A great scene with young Tommy, featuring a gigantic cum shot right in the face.
Monstercock Alarm!!


BigDickDaddy and Rocco

For our Superfucker Big Dick Daddy we needed someone who could take a really big cock.
Few are able to take huge monsters like Big Daddy´s. Inexperienced bottoms would have been torn apart by his incredible piece, so we asked Rocco if he would give his ass to this mature fuck stud and this was an offer he couldn´t resist.
Even after the fuck, his hole remained wide open for quite a while. I think he liked that ;-)


Big Dick Daddy Solo

A good friend of Tim´s here, showing off his extraordinary talents.
Big Dick Daddy is a real hot older man who not only has a huge, fat monster dick, but also manages to keep that thing hard as rock for hours.
And as a special extra, he shoots a load that looks like a flood and makes every partner feel he´s drowning in hot cum.
This Solo comes with an extra photo gallery.



Big Dick Daddy

This is a little photo gallery that we made when Big Dick Daddy came to visit us for the first time.
It was shot before his Solo Scene.