Lito Cruz

Lito Cruz is made to be a Top.
His cock is long, thick, beautiful and always hard. And Lito really knows what to do with it! He gets very passionate and forgets everything around him when he fucks. He whispers things in spanish into his partners ears. We don´t understand everything, but it sounds hot....something like "I wanna fuck your hole for hours and then shoot my cum right into you". And that´s exactly what he does with his partner.
One of our favourite and best fuckers. Lito is born to make a man happy.

Country of birth: Argentina
Height: 6'0''
Weight: 181 lbs
Cock: 9 inch, uncut
Position: Top

Bareback Huge Cock


Lito Cruz and Alessandro

Finally, another video with "The Man" Lito Cruz.
This time we paired him with a young and very handsome man from Italy, Alessandro. His blue eyes are hypnotizing, he´s so beautiful he could be a model for fashion and we heard that he really had done that before.
Nevertheless he can take a really good bareback pounding by an XXL and he especially likes masculine mature men like Lito. So Lito did not hesitate a second to work on Alessandros little hole until it was wide open and then gave him a nice big load.


Lito Cruz and Kamrun

Kamrun was after Lito for a long time but never got the chance to really meet the big cocked Top Daddy.
So, Timtales made everyone happy....Kamrun finally got the big meat in his ass, Lito enjoyed Kamrun´s hole a lot....and we can present you a hot bareback scene with the guy who apparently has become one of our visitor´s favourites: The great Lito Cruz.


Lito Cruz and Danny Lopez

Not long ago we had Lito on our site for the first time and you all wanted him back so here he is in another hot bareback vid.
He chose Danny Lopez as his victim and if you look at Danny´s butt you know why :o)
Lito fucked Danny so good that he came without even touching his cock. And because he was such a good bottom boy, Lito rewarded him with a big load right in his hole!


Lito Cruz and David Korben

XXL rules!!
See that huge bareback fuckmeat? It belongs to our new model Lito Cruz who used it to give his partner David Korben a taste of bliss in this scene.
Lito is a big name in the U.S. bareback scene, as we heard. We are convinced he will have even more fans after this Timtales Movie.
Lito knows how to fuck a man´s ass. He really does! You only need to watch David´s face to believe it...